Once upon a time, a stressed-out artist ventured into a forest and sat by a river.

She closed her eyes and let the sounds of nature wash over her.

When she opened her eyes, she saw the sunlight dancing between the leaves of a tree. She watched birds carry worms to their nests. She watched the water kiss the edge of the shore and recede gently back into the river.

Her worries lifted up and out of her body, carried away by the gentle breeze.

“This is magic,” she thought. “I have to spread the word.”

So she went back to her studio and painted the magic she had experienced.

Using bright, joyful colors, unique abstract shapes and bold compositions, she was able to paint the feeling of nature lifting the worries up and out of her body and carrying them away.

She couldn’t wait to share her artwork so other people could experience the same kind of magic.

And today, every time she receives a heartfelt note of gratitude from a customer, she smiles because it’s evidence the magic is spreading.

That is the story of Art by Amanda Webster.


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