1. Monthly art giveaways.
        THE most exciting thing (in my opinion) is my once-monthly art giveaway where I pick one lucky person from my list and offer them a totally free work of art. Delivered right to their door.

        Here's some of the art I've already sent to the winners.

      2. Early access to all my work.
        You’ll see my newest art WAY before anyone else. We're talking WEEKS before I publish anything publicly (though sometimes circumstances prevent this, like if I'm rushing to get work done for a show or something).

      3. Exclusive art releases.
        Occasionally, I’ll release art exclusively to my list. This might include older work (art from the archives) or work that differs in subject or style than what I’m currently putting out into the world. It will be a surprise! 

      4. Special Offers.
        You’ll get access to exclusive offers that I don’t offer anyone else. That includes a one time use 15% discount that never expires (I don’t want you to feel rushed into purchasing anything).

      5. Laughs, tears, curiosity, and regular old updates.
        Finally, I’ll email studio updates and other emails that are meant to help you get to know me and my art. 


So, what do you think, wanna hang over email and art?

I love connecting with my VIPs and getting real life responses to my emails (I am a human being on the other end of the screen after all), so I always read and respond to replies.

I can't wait to meet you :)