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Thursday in the Garden of Ruins Fine Art Print

Thursday in the Garden of Ruins Fine Art Print

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My kid and I went to Mill Ruins Park in Minneapolis. It was a Thursday. The weather was perfect. The birds were singing. The trees and bushes were rustling their leaves in the whispering wind. My kid brought all these little toy animals and we were setting them up around the park and pretending to be zookeepers tending to the animals at the zoo.

I took some pictures. I made some sketches. And when we got home (actually several months later, because sometimes that's how it goes) I painted this memory of that day. So I would never forget.

That's why it's one of my favorite art prints (and of course why I think you should own it). Who knows if I'll ever make a better painting in my life? I mean, I'd buy it if I could. Those colors! Those shapes! I just love it. But I can't buy it. I already own several copies. So maybe you should buy it? But if you do, promise me you'll give it a good home and look after it forever, okay?

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  • ✨ The paper’s a little bit fancy ✨

    Did you know all of my art prints are printed on textured fine art watercolor paper of exceptional quality that perfectly accentuates the fine details of the original paintings? Well they are. And let me tell you, it’s quite a bit fancier than that ream of paper stashed in your office cupboard. You’ll definitely like it. I’m sure of it.

  • 📦 The shipping’s on me, BTW. You’re welcome. ✈️

    I know you’d rather not pay for shipping if you can avoid it. I mean we know it costs money, but we all hate paying for it. I get that. That’s why I offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on all my fine art prints. To make your day just a tiny bit brighter.

Available in THREE AMAZING SIZES! Which size are YOU?

Are you the GUTSY TYPE who likes to make a BOLD statement with your home decor? Do you want a space that is STRIKING and UNIQUE? A space that says "THIS IS WHAT I LIKE, OKAY?"

In that case the large size will make a BIG impact in any living room, dining room, bedroom, office, or anywhere else you want some bright, bold, oversized artwork for your walls. (Maybe even the playroom? Those kids deserve fun art, too, right?) Yes, friend, you do you! Now go ahead and throw that large fine art print in your cart already.

Or maybe you’ve got a more BALANCED disposition?

You're into things that aren't too big or too small, too hot or too cold, too anything, really. Yes, you like things that are juuuust right. In that case, the medium size art print should suit you fine. Oh yes. That will look juuuust perfect on your wall. As always, medium is a solid choice.

Ahh, perhaps you’re thinking, "WHAT ABOUT ME? I simply want a NICE LITTLE PIECE OF ART that will brighten my day and bring a smile to my face."

Well, friend, I did not forget about you. That's precisely why I made this abstract landscape painting available as a small art print. For folks like you, who appreciate the little things in life, like a smattering of small artwork here, there and everywhere in between. I've got you, friend.


I bet you'd rather have a CUSTOM SIZE made just for you. Go ahead and pop into my inbox and let's see if we can make magic together. Okay? Okay.